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Hi, welcome to our Rabbitry! A little bit about us, we live outside of  Clarence,IA. We are very involved with helping our youth in Cedar County and other surrounding Iowa counties.  We also help out at the different Spring Rabbit Workshops around our area.  Iowa State Rabbit workshop, Muscatine Rabbit workshop.

 We have been in rabbits for about 16 years and over the course of those 16 years we have raised a lot of other breeds as well as the ones we are raising now. We have a big passion in raising our rabbits and we strive to make them the best that they can be. Right now we are raising Mini Lop's, Champagne D'Argent's and New Zealand's!!

 We would like to encourage the public to learn more about rabbits. Here is a little more basic information:

       Of all the breeds we have raised, Champagne D'Argents are our favorite!  They are a 6 Class rabbit which means they can be shown in 6 different categories, Jr. Buck, and Jr. Doe, Intermediate Buck and Intermediate Doe, and Sr. Buck and Sr. Doe. This breed is a Commercial or Meat type of rabbit, sometimes called the Black Angus of the Meat Breeds.

We have won Iowa Rabbit Breeders Champagne D'Argent high point plaques for years 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2016-2017, and 2017-2018. 

      Mini Lop are 4 Class or Fancy Breed rabbits. This means that they can be shown in 4 different categories, Jr. Buck and Jr. Doe, Sr. Buck and Sr. Doe.  Some of the 4 Class breeds divide even further by variety of color.  Mini Lops can be shown in Solid or Broken color patterns. 

We are currently members of the ARBA, ISRBA, MVRBA and CRRBA along with belonging to the  Champagne D’Argent Rabbit Federation group and the American Mini Lop Club.

We took some of our rabbit's to nationals in 2011 and we placed 16th in youth Mini Lop's with a broken Jr buck and we placed 5th in Champagnes with a 6/8 buck. We were very surprised with the results being that this was the first national show that we have ever shown at. Even though we did good at nationals we still keep on trying to better our rabbits. We like to think of it as a challenge and we are always trying to beat our personal best's.

We also attended the 2012 National Convention in Wichita Kansas. We did very well.  We would suggest to anyone that it is a great experience to attend a ARBA National Convention!!!

We attended 2017 ARBA Nationals in Indianapolis Indiana. We had a great time showing and assisting our 4-H'ers by helping them enter and show their rabbit projects which they all did exceptionally well!! We came home with a 3rd place Jr broken chocolate Polish buck, a 5th place Jr Champagne D'Argent and a 10th place Sr Champagne D'Argent Buck. We are very pleased to say the least!!

If you have any questions about what we raise or just a rabbit question in general we are always available. Just send us a line or give us a call. We hope that you enjoy looking at our Rabbitry and we hope that you come back again.

Thanks Lindsey, Irene, and Marillea. God Bless!!



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